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Good Question: Community Sustainability Planning

Do you know of any grants that can be used by a city to create a sustainability plan? And, do you have information for a city regarding sustainable wastewater treatment plants?

COSC’s Reply…

Iowa Economic Development Authority is an excellent resource. Are you familiar with their Community Block Grants?

University of Iowa’s School for Urban & Regional Planning has Initiative for Sustainable Communities. You might consider reaching out to them with your community need. They’ve been very helpful in several Iowa cities.

In Central Iowa, The Tomorrow Plan or Metropolitan Planning Organization is another excellent resource to explore. They don’t offer planning services that we know of, but they will certainly have information to help you along the way. A great contact is Bethany Wilcoxin, who has lead The Tomorrow Plan progress: 515.334.0075 or

Stars Communities program may be of interest to you too. There are several cities in Iowa that are Stars Communities and they have insightful information to share.

Finally, think about attending the annual Growing Sustainable Communities conference in Dubuque. The speakers offer an incredible wealth of information and you can also make quick work of networking with Iowa’s terrific sustainability resources.

Thanks for connecting with us and we’ll keep an eye out for information that may offer additional help.

We welcome comments from our readers.  If you have other resources to share, please comment on this post!

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