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Deconstruction & Reuse Initiative Workshops Promoted Nationwide

Top StoriesCOSC and Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s upcoming workshop series on deconstruction has gained press coverage in every corner of the country.  First, it was covered all through out the state, then made its way to other parts of the Midwest like Minnesota and Indiana.  Before long the news had gone Bi-coastal reaching outlets in New Jersey and California. The following is the story Associated Press distributed.

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Two environmental groups in Iowa are working together to teach people about eco-friendly alternatives to demolition.

The Center on Sustainable Communities and the Iowa Waste Reduction Center are hosting four workshops in March to talk about deconstruction. The practice involves carefully disassembling something so its materials can be reused and diverted from the landfill.

The groups are promoting deconstruction because it is an alternative to demolition that provides social, economic and environmental benefits. The workshops are scheduled for March 11 in Ida Grove; March 13 in Corning; March 18 in Keosauqua; and March 20 in Elkader.

The Center on Sustainable Communities is a nonprofit group in Des Moines (expand on what COSC is, one or two sentences). The Iowa Waste Reduction Center is at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls (expand). Their efforts are funded in part by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the state Department of Natural Resources.

Here are a few examples of where the news item appeared:

With COSC garnering attention all over the United States there’s no better time to get involved.  Join us and help us take COSC global!

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