BUILD Des Moines Highlights COSC’s Work Towards Building a Green MLS in Des Moines

In their premier issue, BUILD Des Moines highlighted COSC’s work in building a Green MLS for Des Moines.

According to several studies in recent years, green home building practices are expected to increase as much as 38% by 2016. And to help industry professionals promote these practices, Des Moines was one of only 30 real estate markets in the country offering “green fields” in its multiple listing service (MLS) when these fields were first launched.

The Center on Sustainable Communities (COSC) says, “In 2011, COSC assisted Des Moines Area Association of Realtors (DMAAR) and a committee of local real estate agents to develop Iowa’s first ‘Green MLS.’ DMAAR’s residential real estate listings have new searchable fields that include ways to identify a home’s energy-efficiency features and ratings and sustainability certifications.”

The Green MLS in Des Moines has been an ongoing project for COSC, and we’re excited to have people talking about it to get the message out about this important initiative.

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